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49ers Coach Jim Tomsula On Everything

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49ers defensive line coach Jim Tomsula surprised the beat writers on Monday by chatting with them for upwards of an hour. Coach Tomsula has quickly emerged as a fan favorite, although that really began in earnest last year during the Broncos game in London. His experience with NFL Europe gave the team reason enough to give him some time at an early press conference after the team landed.

Jim Tomsula discussed a broad range of topics. Rather than go into a ton of detail, I'll leave you with some links to read through some of the transcripts of the hour-long chat. He discussed everything from how Alex Smith is the kind of guy he'd want his daughter to marry to Justin Smith, Isaac Sopoaga and Ray McDonald, among many other things. Grant Cohn of the Press Democrat transcribed a lot of the interview and has broken them up into separate posts. Sam Lam also posted some of the comments from comments he found most intriguing.

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