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Niners Nation T-Shirt Ideas

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A while back I posted an open thread to get some ideas for potential Niners Nation t-shirts. We actually had a Free Nate t-shirt for Nate Davis, although that obviously has no value anymore! NN has developed an in-house deal that will allow us to put together some merchandise. On the front page, just below the first post at the top you'll see a small ad that says "Custom SB Nation t-shirts." That's the store.

For now, we don't have any designs set up, so I thought I'd open up the door for suggestions once again. The last time we had this thread was pre-Harbaugh and the site has grown considerably since then. If you have any ideas that you think would make for fun designs that you would be interested in purchasing, let me know and we'll see what we can work out.

One design I'm working on revolves around Alex Smith. As some of you know, when the team breaks the huddle, the offense has two potential plays. At the line he then uses the phrase "Let It Roll! Let It Roll!" if it's one play and "Kill! Kill! Kill!" if it should be changed to another. My thought is to put "Let It Roll! Let It Roll!" on the front of the shirt and "Kill! Kill! Kill!" on the back of the shirt. James is talking with some folks about trying to get a shadowed figure on each side doing the hand motions associated with (rolling arms for the first, flat out for the second).

I think we also need another VD and Crabs t-shirt, although I'm not sure of the best verbage and design for that. Any thoughts on that or other possible designs?