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2012 NFL Offseason: The 49ers WR Position

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The San Francisco 49ers are in the midst of an exciting run that will culminate in a shot at all the marbles. Maybe they win it all, maybe they come up short. Either way, this is the first time we've had playoffs at Niners Nation so it should be fun no matter what.

Amidst all the hubbub of the 2011 season, the 2012 49ers offseason looms as a really interesting period. We'll spend most of our time over the next two months focused on now, but there are enough complexities to the coming offseason that I think it is worth occasionally taking a peak ahead. The 49ers have a lot of free agents and given how certain players have started to develop this season, numerous questions are raised.

One such position is at wide receiver. The 49ers wide receiver position has been a bit up and down at times, but we have seen some impressive performances lately from Michael Crabtree and Kyle Williams. Fittingly enough, those are the only two active roster receivers that are under contract after this season ends. Braylon Edwards, Joshua Morgan, Ted Ginn Jr. and Brett Swain are all free agents when the season ends. Undrafted rookie free agent Dontavia Bogan is also on injured reserve and I believe remains under contract heading into 2012.

How does the team handle the receiver position this coming offseason? Of all the free agents I'd imagine Morgan is the most likely to return. Coach Harbaugh has indicated he wants him back, and my gut would indicate Morgan would like to be back, although that is based on nothing he has said.

There are only so many roster positions and so many receptions to be had. You also need to add in the Harbaugh factor. This turnaround has to change the perception of the 49ers and potentially encourage free agents to come to the Bay. Does the team need to pursue additional wide receiver options beyond their current batch of free agents?

This is not a particularly easy question to answer right now as there is a lot of football left and a sizable market in the offseason. Nonetheless, how would you like to organize the 49ers receivers for 2012?