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Braylon Edwards Returns To Practice

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San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards was back out on the practice field Wednesday a week after sitting out three practices and Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams. Edwards has been dealing with a knee issue much of the season and was looking to get it back closer to 100%. Edwards was reportedly running at full speed, but we'll wait and see if he is listed as limited or as a full participant in the injury report.

Edwards chatted with the media before practice and indicated he did not plan on missing any more games. He recognized the improved chemistry we've seen from Alex Smith with Michael Crabtree, Kyle Williams and Ted Ginn Jr., but he believes he can fill a certain red zone role that the team could be missing to some extent:

Q: There have been problems in the red zone. Are you excited about being able to help in that area?

EDWARDS: I am excited. My knee feels better than it has. I'm excited to just get out there and practice and go hard. And whatever the teams wants me to do this week, we'll definitely get it done. In the red zone, I'm one of the bigger wide receivers so it's always a fun area, if you will. So we'll get that work done this week and hopefully we'll utilize on Sunday if we practice it the right way this week.

Q: Is that something you've always enjoyed - being a target in the red zone?

EDWARDS: It is. With taller receivers, you usually get touchdowns or pass interferences. So that's always good for the offense. If you get the touchdown, you get the six. Pass interference, you're looking at first-and-goal at the 1. So it's always fun to be down there. There usually is a high probability when you're dealing with the Calvin Johnsons and the Andre Johnsons - the bigger guys - that you make those plays.

I agree that his size is of tremendous value if he is able to fully utilize it. Whether it be fades or other jump balls in the end zone, Edwards is the biggest of the receivers. I think there are ways to get Edwards in the mix without messing with the chemistry developing with the other receivers. As long as players aren't complaining about touches, you can never have too many unique weapons.