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Golden Nuggets: Where Kyle Williams Is Our Future

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Morning, good readers of Niners Nation. Yesterday, some comments in the Nuggets drew attention to the fact that there's been laugh of my witty awesomeness over the last few weeks, and I noted that was due to the fact that reader interaction was down, at least in these pieces. I've passed up opportunity to extol the virtues of the ways of NaVorro Bowman, continue my personal vendetta against the Ryan brothers and keep my vigilant post at the forefront of the "Kevin Kolb Blows!" public service announcement program. But if you folks want more of the good stuff, I'll work on including some more spicy goodness in the Nuggets. Enjoy, chillldren!

Naturally, Kevin Kolb says that the 49ers had interest in him this offseason. Maybe he read my cause championing against trading for him. Either way, he's getting paid way too much and, yes, he does in fact, blow. Problem, Bleeding Green Nation? (

The Packers give me the willies. Seriously, Aaron Rodgers is just too good at this point. Too good for what? I'm not entirely sure, but there is a team that scares me more under certain circumstance.s The 49ers seriously need to avoid taking on New Orleans Saints at the Superdome. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Braylon Edwards says he's not missing anymore games, but if he plays like he did during the game against the Baltimore Ravens - be it due to injury or not - I want him on the bench. He needs to be 100% if he's coming back into the lineup, regardless. (

Maiocco is of the opinion that it's incredibly difficult to imagine quarterback Alex Smith anywhere else next season. Which, to me, means it's the perfect opportunity for the NFL to exhibit it's lulz and wtf-ness by having Smith sign a huge multi-year deal with, say, the Miami Dolphins. Call it Stephen Ross' retribution after losing the Jim Harbaugh sweepstakes. (

Patrick Willis is still sidelined, something that's only significant because I hope he's not out for Monday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He doesn't need to play on Sunday against Arizona, lest I riot. (

Grant Cohn got to asking Alex Smith about deep throws, and his inability to make them on the sideline, something he and I spoke about and agreed upon up in the press box during the game. Smith just couldn't hit the throws on the sidelines, but looked great over the middle. (

I truly hope Brian Jennings never retires. I want him snapping footballs until old age takes his ability to do the stance any longer - and by that, I mean I hope old age doesn't take the stance until he's about eighty or so. I did forget that he was a part of this team the last time it went to the playoffs. That's wild. (

Here's a good piece from Barrows regarding wide receiver Kyle Williams and where he gets his jets from. (

The signing of Scott Tolzien was a good one, in my mind. I like what I saw from him in the preseason and would like to see more next year. Not much else I can say about him, other than link this piece from Maiocco that talks about T.J. Yates, one of my sleepers and a guy I believe will succeed in Houston, and how he is suddenly a starting quarterback. (

Andy Lee is a certified badass. That is all, really. (

49ers get inspiration from guest speakers (

Conference Call: Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb (

Conference Call: Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt (

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