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Carlos Rogers, Patrick Willis Injury Updates

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The 49ers are hitting the practice field this afternoon and Carlos Rogers is expecting to practice. He sat out Wednesday's practice with a sore left knee, but viewed it mostly as precautionary. The 49ers face a stiff challenge against Larry Fitzgerald and Early Doucet, so getting him healthy is important. The Cardinals passing attack has been very inconsistent, but they showed in the second half against the Cowboys that they can get it going and be dangerous.

Patrick Willis was spotted at the pre-practice walkthrough walking without a limp. That doesn't mean he will be ready to go this week, but no limp is obviously better than a limp. There was an article linked in a FanShot in which Eric Branch spoke with an orthopedic surgeon about the extent of a potential grade two hamstring strain. The doctor said that "if he had to guess" he would suggest a three to six week recovery window.

It is important to note that this is based simply on Adam Schefter tweeting that Willis has a grade two hamstring strain. There has never been any confirmation as to the extent of the strain. The lack of a limp is a very positive sign, but again, with no further information it is all a lot of speculation. Ideally the 49ers can lock up the first round bye with Willis sidelined and thus give him all the more time to get 100% for the playoffs.