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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Scouting The Pittsburgh Steelers

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Thursday Night Football is back for Week 14 as the Pittsburgh Steelers host the Cleveland Browns. The 49ers have a bit of interest in this game as they will be facing the Steelers on Monday Night Football a week and a half from now. The Steelers are in a dog-fight with the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC North title. The Steelers are tied with Baltimore, but really are a game back because the Ravens swept them this season.

The Steelers face a Browns team that is not particularly good. They sit at 4-8 and have a boatload of question marks as the 2011 NFL season comes down the final stretch. The offense is all over the place following Peyton Hillis' regression/injury/contract situation and Colt McCoy is more questions than answers. The passing defense is actually decent, but that might have more to do with the fact that opponents can run at will on them.

This game probably won't tell us a whole lot about the Steelers. My guess is they emphasize the rushing game and not really open up the passing attack too much. They could decide to get a little nutty, but I'm not holding my breath. If the Browns can somehow slow the Steelers rushing attack I'd be impressed. Otherwise, we'll keep an eye out for injuries or anything else noteworthy from the game.