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Caption This: Bradying

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The NFL is a regular trendsetting league. I can remember, as a child, doing Merton Hanks's touchdown dance or Ken Norton Jr.'s boxing mime in my spare time, just to be more like my favorite players. Today, these trends go even further: Tebowing has swept the nation - people who don't care about football, who don't even know that Tim Tebow plays football, are getting down on one knee and Tebowing for the camera.

But Tebow isn't the only trendsetter we've seen in the NFL. Let's not forget the lasting impact of former Bears' defensive back Doug Plank.

So in the spirit of trendsetting, I'm here to suggest a new one. We call this Bradying! We've all seen good ol' Tom employ this technique in the middle of a game, but now we finally have proof that he practices it during it week, too! What does this mean for you? Well, everything, of course. Now you can make Bradying a part of your everyday life! Just sit down with your legs out, pretend to cry, and have somebody snap your picture. Slap a little text on the jpeg and post all of your Bradying glory for the entire Internet to see! It may be the greatest trend yet.

Well, this thread is actually for captions. And this photo seems pretty ripe for a few. HOWEVER, if you do take the extra step and post a photo of yourself Bradying, I will rec' the crap out of it. But otherwise, captions are good. And rec's are good, too! Last week's rec' leader was Bigmouth. Enjoy.