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Golden Nuggets: Where It's Still OK To Clown On Alex Smith

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So I woke up this morning to the sound of two thumps on the side of my house. I went outside, and wouldn't you know it: the two deep incompletions Alex Smith overthrew down the sidelines finally landed - needless to say a bit off target. Anyway, I got around to re-watching some of the 49ers-Rams game yesterday just for kicks, and I noticed in high definition, you can actually see that Steven Jackson is asleep for a large portion of his offense snaps. No, really. This is a bit late, but 19 yards? Good lord we rock. Also - do you guys see all the people tweeting Anthony Daivs and telling him that he's the best offensive tackle ever? Yeeeeah. Good luck with that one. Onto the linkage!

I like to think the people responsible for voting defensive rookie of the year would be smart enough to note things like playing time and value the tackle "stat" correctly, but it's probably not so. That being said, I fully admit that, at this point, Von Miller is more deserving of the award. Aldon Smith isn't far behind, though. There's a couple things he can do to help himself in the voting. (

After being truly shafted last week in the updates, with multiple players decreasing, the 49ers come out well in this week's roster update. Aldon Smith and NaVorro Bowman continue their march toward badassery a ninety overall rating. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Hey, that's pretty cool that Alex Boone was given a four-year contract extension. I was a big fan of bringing him in when the team did, but there are plenty of people who are fanatical for him, and I think they're a little crazy. Someone was telling me on Twitter that he was indisputably better than Anthony Davis. Alright. (

It's not that the 49ers couldn't use Braylon Edwards on Sunday against the Cardinals, it's just that ... well, Kevin Kolb blows, so why waste him? Seriously though, if he's not 100%, then he should not go on Sunday - he was a liability last time he played hurt and that don't fly with me. (SB Nation Bay Area)

That one guy who can't catch a football and is only a consolation signing because we didn't get Nnamdi Asomugha returned to practice on Thursday. Calm down you crazy people, that's called sarcasm (or something like it), as I'm just short of starting my own Carlos Rogers fangirl fanboy club. You think he'll sign my chest? (

Can't listen to it right now, but there's never a bad time to listen to long snapper Brian Jennings talk about anything on KNBR. Literally. (


Larry Grant is like you took Patrick Willis, and then took away half of his talent, and then told him that he'd never be as good as Patrick Willis, so he worked his ass off really hard and now he's a little better than half as good as Patrick Willis is all the time. Ya know? I bet you were thinking the exact thing. Dude is legit, though. (

In this instance, "creative ways to generate offense," basically means "crazy crap nobody expected," and "borderline illegal shifts," but tomato tomato, right? I realize that bit doesn't work in text as well as it might in actual speech, but I trust in all of your subconsciousness to handle that one for you without you realizing it. (

The NFL really, really, really, really wanted the 49ers and Cardinals to be rivals. They're not, and they probably wont' ever be, but there's been enough jawing back and forth to make it something not entirely unlike a rivalry. (

Here's some stuff about the Santa Clara stadium. The headline says it's not a done deal and I don't have time to read it right now. Why don't you good folks tell me if there's anything interesting in it. It's your turn. Thanks! (

Harbaugh on Kyle Williams: "One of the best stiff arms I've ever seen, not only this year but really ever seen."(

Why have the 49ers struggled in the red zone? Greg Roman looks for the answer (

Diagnosis: Perry suffered from trauma-induced disease (

Gruden backs 49ers assistant for ASU opening (

How to Get 49ers Playoff Tickets (

Defense Stays Hungry (

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