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Niners Nation After Dark: 49ers Fans Are Still Here!

NN after dark
NN after dark

Last night I rolled out Niners Nation After Dark and received a nice little bit of response both on NN and through the NN twitter feed (@ninersnation). For the folks who registered last night I went in and activated your memberships so you should be able to comment in tonight's second edition of NN After Dark. This will be a chance for 49ers up at all hours of the night to engage in a little bit of discussion where possible. Initially this was meant as a chance for folks in Europe and Asia to have a place where they could enjoy some live conversation. However, I quickly realized we have a lot of night owls out there so you all are obviously more than welcome to join in the discussion as well.

You may have noticed we've got a little graphic here to the right for this post. Thanks to wjackalope for putting this one together. He's done some great work for us when it comes to graphics. I still think a shot of me in a 49ers smoking jacket with a drink and a cigar would be pretty money, but we'll hold off on that for now.

This is really a bit of an experiment to see what goes down late at night. One thing I would first like to do is continue our previous "Where in the world is Niners Nation." When we rolled this out during the summer of 2009 we had 146 people post zip codes, countries, etc. If you're in the link above you've already been added in and don't need to re-post your location. However, if you did not post your info the first time around and want to do so this time, please post it in the comments. I'll get you added in over the next couple days during my free time.

It was otherwise a fairly quiet day today. We'll have the Nuggets from Ninjames in a few hours but in the meantime, it shouldn't be shocking that the biggest conversation piece today was a post mentioning Alex Smith and Jim Harbaugh. Without free agency to really discuss in too much detail, we're stuck with the always quality standby topics. When in doubt, Smith and Harbaugh are where it's at....unfortunate in some respects, fortunate in other respects (I'll let you decide which is which!)