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Golden Nuggets: Not Happy With The Pro Bowl

Morning folks, and thanks to Fooch for covering the Nuggets for me yesterday. I'm back, and thoroughly convinced that I really didn't miss much in 49erland.  I didn't watch the Senior Bowl on Saturday (as you know if you read the Nuggets frequently) and I did not watch the Pro Bowl either. Was it a good game, or was it as boring as I perceive it to generally be in my head? Changing the rules is the catalyst for me not enjoying the game - I feel as though it would be a legitimate showcase of "the best of the best" if there weren't rules in place to cap some of those players and their talents. The only significant news I'm privy to at the moment is Pete Hoener being hired on in Carolina, and it stings. He's a great coach and a fantastic personality, but I knew he was going to be hired elsewhere. He wasn't returning here, that's for sure and I obviously don't want him to NOT get a job, you know. So I'm happy for him. I did just read that ex-49ers quarterback Shaun Hill lost his father, I'm very sad to hear that ... Hill is a great guy, and I hope he comes out alright from this.

Ticket prices are going up, which just blows. Hopefully, I will be in the press box next season, but I did see that my family's season tickets are not going to be affected by the price increase. The parking increase is pretty lame, obviously. (

Pete Hoener is now in Carolina, and I'm sad, as I noted above. Hoener was probably my favorite 49ers coach and they're getting a good guy over there. (

Did Jim Harbaugh mean what he said regarding Alex Smith? In that, did he mean those things from a purely honest standpoint, or were they spoken out of the possibility of needing Alex in a last-minute situation? (

Here's a look at the 49ers 2011 coaching staff at a glance. I'd say it's not a bad group of guys, wouldn't you agree? (

Barrows says that the OLB prospects in the Senior Bowl stood out. I didn't watch, nor do I have time to read the article, but if it's true, that probably bodes well for the 49ers. (

Something about Ed Lee, Jed York and the 49ers stadium situation that I completely refuse to read. (

Master of his Domain  - a good piece on Ricky Jean Francois, a guy I have high hopes for in regards to his starting potential. (

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