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LIVE Twitter NFL Mock Draft Tonight at 5:30PM PST

Yesterday one of the fellas I follow on Twitter (for NFL Draft prospect insight) decided to try something different: He held part of a LIVE NFL Mock Draft on Twitter.  It was fun because you got to vote on each team's pick as they went "on the clock" and showed who the NFL fans would draft if they had their choice.  Still, there weren't quite enough people and some strange picks came in like WR Jonathan Baldwin at #14.

The draft ended mid-way through the first round as Gil (that's his name) had to shove-off to work.  So, rather than finish the rest of yesterday's draft, he's wiped the slate clean and we're starting over tonight at 5:30PM PST.  Grab your Twitter handle (that's really not as dirty as it sounds) and join us for an exciting LIVE mock draft!

The format goes like this: Gil (@GilAlcarazIV on Twitter) posts which team is on the clock and solicits everyone's pick.  You tweet him ONE player for that team's pick and when the clock expires he tallies the votes.  The player with the most vote is the pick.  This is why it's important to have as many people participate as possible.  If it's three people sending in votes, you end up with random second-round talent going top 10 because someone likes the kid.

So c'mon and log on to Twitter at 5:30PM PST and follow Gil to keep up and play along!  The results of the draft will post in real time on Draft Breakdown's website (click this link).  Should be a fun time had by all!