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2011 NFL Draft: Colin Kaepernick Chats With SB Nation Fans

Yesterday, the good folks at Big Cat Country, SB Nation's Jacksonville Jaguars blog, hosted a fan live chat/Q&A session with quarterback prospect Colin Kaepernick. They opened up their site to new users and there were a few of us 49ers fans over there asking questions. I think we got some solid answers, though obviously you can't expect much more than general canned responses, right? Regardless, I think it's worth looking over.

For those of you who don't know, Kaepernick is a quarterback prospect who could go anywhere from the first round to the fourth. It's unlikely that between now and the draft that his stock falls enough to actually put him in the fourth, so I'd say he's most likely a second round pick right now, but I could see him going higher if there's a need and Jake Locker continues his decline. I feel as though there are two quarterbacks who could go before him, and from there it's a crapshoot. I'm sure you'll hear more about him going forward, but to quickly run through his pros and cons: great arm strength, good size and can make the throws, but slow, long release and playing entirely out of the gun in college hamper him.

I'll post the questions I asked, his responses, and also the questions I identified as questions from other 49ers fans or something really pertinent regardless. At the end, I'll link to the post at Big Cat Country.

1. Ninjames: What are your thoughts on folks critiquing your throwing motion to the extent that it has been? Are you taking steps to shorten the throwing motion, or do your 35'' arms mean it will always be long and slower? Do you see it as an issue moving forward? For things like swing and touch passes, will there need to be an adjustment to make those kinds of throws?

Kaepernick: My throwing motion is something i am trying to shorten as much as possible, but at the same time, like you said, my arms and long and my release will always be a little bit longer. This, however, does not mean my release has to be slower. i don't see it as an issue moving forward because i have making all the throws necessary to move to the next level.

2. NJ: The pistol will be under a lot of scrutiny, what are your thoughts on a west coast offense , and will it be a challenge for you to learn the footwork needed in such a system?

CK: I pick up on things very quickly and will not have a problem picking up on new footwork.

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3. NJ: What do you think about Jim Harbaugh, the new 49ers coach, if anything? Many would call him a quarterback guru, do you think he could make you a better player?

CK: I think Jim Harbaugh is a great coach and I have talked to Andrew Luck and he speaks very highly of him. I think I could learn a great deal from any coach that gets his hands on me.

4. NJ: If you were to be a day one starter, do you believe you have what it takes to get in there and command the huddle from the beginning, to be a leader of men?

CK: Yes, I do.

5. NJ: Would you like to be a San Francisco 49er? Do you like the Bay Area?

CK: I would be happy anywhere. I do live about an hour and a half from the bay!

6. NJ: What would you say your most accurate throw is?

CK: i think i am very accurate with all of my throws so i couldn't pinpoint one as my most accurate.

7. NJ: Are you familiar with anybody on the 49ers roster? Such as quarterbacks David Carr and Alex Smith? If you were drafted in San Francisco, would you look forward to competing with these guys and testing yourself against two former first overall picks?

CK: I would love the opportunity to compete against anybody thats what football is all about!

8. jtoj: you're regarded by many as an intriguing prospect due to the style of offense you played at Nevada, but just that, someone who played in a stat-padding offense. what do you have to say to this? do you think you can make the transition to a pro-style offense easily?

CK: I think no matter what offense you are in you have to have football skills to succeed. Do i think that our offense may have highlighted the QB as far as putting the ball into my hands, yes. But do i think i could be successful in a different offense, yes. This was just the offense i was put into.

9: jtoj: Many people are excited to draft you and watch you develop in the background. Do you think you have what it takes to come in and succeed immediately ala Bradford?

CK: I think making the transition to a pro-style offense with be a smooth transition for me and i think i showed this at the senior bowl, as far as picking up on the terminology and knowing my reads quickly and making the throws. i think with that being said i have the ability to come in and succeed immediately, but that will be for my future coach to decide.

10. HUNGRY HUNTER: Would you like to throw balls to Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree? Is there any possible way that you can demand that the niners draft you?

CK: LOL I don't have that kind of power, once again, I wish I did though.

11. HH: If you had to pick one quarterback to be like, who would it it be?

CK: I think it would have to be Tom Brady for the simple fact that he has the most Super Bowl rings, which is the ultimate goal.

The whole chat can be viewed in the comments of this post over at Big Cat Country. So, what do you think about him?