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Golden Nuggets: Pessimism Mode, Engage!

Good morning everyone, today is a bitter day in my mind. I've been talking about how I feel that neither Roger Goodell nor DeMaurice Smith really aren't working at something for our benefit and how it appears that at least one side isn't really trying at all. I've said that a few times over the past couple weeks, and it seems such statements are being proved right, at least in one scenario. The sides are very far apart according to reports, which to me says that a collective bargaining agreement will not be reached on time. That's right, offseason mode is usually one full of intense, fanboyish optimism and I'm switching gears to full-blown pessimism. I just watched around five hours of intense SAP Open tennis and that is something that's going to have to get me through this, in my mind. Consider me a debbie-downer from here on out. I do have some pertinent links for you though, so enjoy those. I'm in a bit of a hurry.

So the NFL and the NFLPA are way far apart. One of the most annoying things is the statement from the NFL talking about how they won't politicize the proceedings, going on and on about how sanctimonious the whole process is while heavily implying that the other side doesn't feel that way. They're doing what they say they're not doing, just a simple no-comment should suffice, thanks. Reading this depresses me. (

Trent Dilfer says that Cam Newton is a top three pick. I think he's probably right, in that he could be chosen in the top three, but if he's referring to talent, I think he's ... not-so-right. I would probably think he's a top three talent if he just ... learned how to throw the ball properly. (

Patrick Peterson, the consensus number one corner in the 2011 NFL Draft is falling to the 49ers, at least in the mind of Todd McShay, who is at least 17% less crazy than Mel Kiper under normal circumstances. (

If you felt like crying or something along those lines, White took a look at the 49ers quarterback situation in all of its splendor and glory. (

Here is Maiocco's latest mailbag post, always a solid read for general 49ers knowledge. (

Aaand, here's Sando's latest chat wrap. (

More Alex Smith-Aaron Rodgers hooplah that I honestly can't be bothered to read at this point. (

Holy [site deocrum]. Back the fun bus the [site decorum] up. Carson Palmer sold his house. You mad, Cincy? (

Being a Sheep

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