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Your Caption Here!

It occurred to me today that the economic repercussions for a possible NFL strike season go beyond the owners and the players. The owners are staring at billions of dollars in lost revenue. The players are staring at millions of dollars in lost revenue. But they're bringing it on themselves. They're not the REAL victims in this debacle. Some might say that the fans are the real victims here. But I'm not sure. In a strike season, I might miss football, but I'll save money. While the owners and players are losing wads and wads of cash, I'll be making a net gain on games not attended and merchandise not purchased. 

The real victim in all of this will be EA Sports.

Just think about it: Madden 2012 will be ruined. What consumer in their right mind would be willing to purchase Madden 2012: The Replacements? No players exceeding 47 overall! Or worse: Madden 2012: Labor Negotiations Edition? I mean, imagine NFL: Head Coach, and replace the lengthy, boring coaching gameplay with lengthy, boring negotiation sequences. It will be awful.

<Note to self: Write a sensible segue to put here before publishing.>

So here's an image of Maria Menounos holding the Madden Bowl Trophy over her head while Patrick Willis and Chad Ochojohnson watch. Have fun!

You know how we do this. Use the comments to make your captions, and rec' the ones you like the most. Rec'ing the ones you like the most is very important. Pat Willie was last week's winner. Let's see if he can do it again.