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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Could Be Stuck With Alex Smith

Good morning everybody. It's officially at the point in the offseason where I have no idea what I should talk about in the introduction to the Nuggets each day. We have plenty of looks at the draft, free agency, the ongoing labor "negotiations" and things of that nature, but I have not much to add at this point, at least in these posts. Especially considering I don't think an agreement will get done on the labor front, I fully believe that both sides are just too greedy and one side in particular just honestly does not care to the extent that they should. I have only the draft to really look forward to on the NFL front, and I AM obsessing over that. I actually just finished my first mock, through four rounds. I imagine you folks will see that at some point. Anyway, I'm going to get to your links. Enjoy.

Can Alex Smith be a winning quarterback in the NFL? Probably, there's just little things about him that make me want him gone. I can't stand the passes batted down at the line, the screen passes that go way too high, things of that nature are not going to change with a new coach. (

If there is a lockout or something close to it, the 49ers could be stuck with Smith regardless. Not the worst scenario, of course. (

It is a marriage of convenience for Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith. Hopefully, it is more than just convenience and Harbaugh sees something he can work with. (

People continue to mention Christian Ponder as an option after the first round for the 49ers, but I honestly know nothing about him. (

The 49ers have a lot of needs this offseason. I don't agree that outside linebacker is on par with cornerback, though. (

Willis is a gamer. (

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