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Golden Nuggets: Cornerback Over Outside Linebacker

Good morning everybody. I don't know how much football news there is today, because I spent all day yesterday thinking about mixed martial arts and tennis. My mind is going crazy at the minute though. I'm not a Fedor Emelianenko fan in the truest sense of the word, but seeing him lose and retire last night basically broke my heart as a huge fan of MMA for some time. Then again, I watched Fernando Verdasco look really good at the SAP Open last night and he's now in the finals tonight, which I can't wait to see. But we are a football blog, at least that's what people are telling me on Twitter, and there should be a couple of links. I don't know how many because I haven't checked yet, but I'm going to guess the number is something like two or three. Maybe four, but that's pushing it. We're well into the offseason and linkage is hard to come by. But the train keeps a rollin' (all night long) so here's what we've got. Edit: Upon looking, there's really not much. Make sure you look in yesterday's Nuggets for some links, and if you come across something I missed (very likely) go ahead and post it up in the comments and talk about how terrible I am at what I do. Edit 2: "[3:06:22 AM] Tabitha: you didn't mention me in the nuggets" I apparently forgot my duty to mention the girlie every day in the Nuggets and now she is forcing me to add her in. <3

How much should the 49ers value a cornerback? I've said it before, I think it's a bigger need than a pass-rushing outside linebacker. If a quarterback is "ten" on scale of one-to-ten, then outside linebacker is around seven and cornerback is nine. (

If you missed it, these are Maiocco's offseason needs, do you agree with them? (

Here's Sando's latest mailbag post, generally an enjoyable read. (

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