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Cut And Dry: Is Cornerback Or Outside Linebacker A Bigger Priority?

Later on today, I will be looking at the cornerback situation in my Long Look Back, Brief Look Forward posts, but first I wanted to get a post and poll up on this matter. I just need some number, a representation of how the majority of Niners Nation feels regarding the needs. I think quarterback has to be the top need, not that feeling otherwise would make you wrong or anything, it's just not a popular opinion unless you're David Carr's friends or immediate family. So for the second need, we're looking at cornerbacks and outside linebackers. Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area listed them as "2a" and "2b" in his list of offseason needs.

Like I've noted, I feel as though the cornerback position is a bigger need. Nate Clements was actually much better than people gave him credit for in 2010, but there are still many things lacking in his game. He gets beat deep, it's almost a foregone conclusion when he's up against a speed guy. This wouldn't be so bad if the 49ers had a backup option, and they thought they did when Shawntae Spencer had a great 2009 campaign, but his 2010 was also severely disappointing, and he also had a problem with speed players. Tarell Brown was a disappointment yet again.

I'm with Fooch when it comes to Manny Lawson and his physical capabilities. Vic Fangio is a blitz-oriented coordinator who loves movement and aggression, and if there was coordinator who could utilize Lawson, it's him. And on the flip-side to that, I disagree with Drew K when it comes to the other side of the equation, where he believes somebody like Travis LaBoy can exceed if given the opportunity, something I just don't see happening any time soon.

So I do feel as though the 49ers have one viable option at outside linebacker (with some promising guys that COULD pan out like LaBoy, Ahmad Brooks and Thaddeus Gibson) in Manny Lawson, but I don't feel as though they have a viable option at cornerback. So I say that a corner is a bigger need, but outside linebacker is definitely up there. What, Niners Nation, is the bigger need, in your opinion?