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2011 NFL Draft Scouting: Mocking The Draft Prospect Film Library

A couple days ago there was a discussion in one of the threads about watching film on players and what it takes to get a better idea of a player. Some folks only need a few games to get their read, while others prefer watching as much film as possible. Either way, film study is an important tool in scouting for the 2011 NFL Draft. Of course, people don't always have access to game film, which makes this particular post a little bit more helpful.

Mocking the Draft is official NFL Draft website for SB Nation. They provide scouting reports and other analysis on an endless array of college talent. They've taken this information to the next level by developing a YouTube channel they're calling MTD's Prospect Film Library. They provide an explanation of this channel, but the basic idea is that the video only shows offense and defense. Commercials, timeouts and replays are all removed. Additionally, most special teams plays are removed unless something particularly important happens.

They currently have 22 games posted and will be adding more as they process through the editing. You can subscribe to the channel and have updates emailed to you when they upload new games. I've posted the current list of games after the jump.

While checking out the Prospect Film Library, don't forget to check out Mocking the Draft's page of scouting reports that will continue to be populated as we move towards the 2011 NFL Draft.

2011 East-West Shrine Game
2011 Senior Bowl
Alabama vs. Arkansas
Alabama vs. LSU
Arkansas vs. Mississippi State
Auburn vs. Kentucky
Colorado vs. Oklahoma
Clemson vs. Boston College
East-West Shrine Game
Florida vs. Florida State
Georgia Southern vs. Delaware
Illinois vs. Michigan
Iowa vs. Michigan State
Kansas State vs. Missouri
LSU vs. Auburn
LSU vs. Texas A&M (Cotton Bowl)
Missouri vs. Nebraska
Nebraska vs. Texas A&M
South Florida vs. Clemson
Stanford vs. California
Villanova vs. Appalachian State
Washington vs. USC
West Virginia vs. Pitt