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Golden Nuggets: Rock The Vote?

I didn't realize that so many people felt as though addressing the cornerback need was more important than drafting an outside linebacker. I'm pleasantly surprised, in fact, that so many people agree with me. I just don't see a single viable option at cornerback on the 49ers roster as it stands right now. The closest is Nate Clements and I just don't feel secure with him against teams' number one receiver at this point in his career. Also, I received a bit of flack from some of you yesterday due to not linking the poll for best NFL team blog, which Niners Nation has been nominated for. So go ahead and click right here and vote. We'll probably get "Sexiest Blog Dedicated To An NFL Team" as well, but that's mostly because of me. Anyway, here's your links. Or link. I don't know how many there are.

Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith are building a rapport of sorts, which I suppose is good. I'm still iffy on Smith returning, he's just too hit-or-miss ... literally. (

Apparently it's not out of the realm of possibility that a meeting between the NFL and NFLPA could potentially maybe perhaps sort of meet and talk this week. (

Despite having the best quarterback in the nation, the running game was key at Stanford and will be key for the 49ers in 2011. (

Brad Seely has his work cut out for him with the 49ers special teams unit in 2011. I knew it was going to be a weakness last year, and I'm not happy that I was right about it. (

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