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Golden Nuggets: Never Alone, We've Got Eachother! ...Right?

Good morning everybody, did you all enjoy your Valentines Day? I personally am not a fan of the holiday, but it's not for lack of love in my life. I think you all are aware of my girlie, so I'll keep it short and sweet and just say that I totally love her and not being around her yesterday was torture. Eating delicious food helped a little bit though, but that's just the way of the world. As for the 49ers, well - I don't know what kind of linkage I have for you today, but I'm not expecting much at all. It seems like we had a fairly active day on Niners Nation though, which probably means you're all a bunch of lonely folk (coughmanraj7cough), but I love ya all the same. Either way, do not forget to go and vote for Niners Nation in the best NFL team blog poll so we can win us an award. We need it. Let's get to your links, though. Enjoy.

Ted Ginn was good for the 49ers in 2010, will he be a star under Brad Seely? It's a distinct possibility, in my mind. (

His play was a significant improvement over the 49ers 2009 punt return unit. That's not too hard to do, though - I wager we could have picked three people at random from Niners Nation to handle them in rotation and it would have improved. (

Von Miller wants to be like Derrick Thomas. Good? Bad? (

49ers running backs - an evaluation. I'm pretty happy with the halfback situation, but the 49ers definitely need to target a fullback this offseason. (

The 49ers have a few options at quarterback in the 2011 NFL Draft. I wonder what they'll go for, because I honestly have no idea. I think I'm the only one who likes Gabbert on this site. (

Buy the "Best of 2010" (

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