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2011 NFL Draft: Patrick Peterson vs. Von Miller

As we've discussed the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft over and over again, two players have popped out as the proverbial dream picks at number seven. One is LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson and the other is Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller. Each is ranked number one at their respective position by quite a few scouting services. And if they fulfill their immense potential, each could fill a key need for the 49ers.

Our 49ers need help in the secondary and could conceivably use some help in the pass rush. I personally think cornerback is the bigger need, but I also could see a guy like Von Miller really shoring up the pass rush. Drew K posted a comment in a thread a couple days ago basically opening up the question of which of the two people would take. I thought it was worth pulling out into a separate poll, so here we go. If you were presented with Patrick Peterson and Von Miller at the seventh overall pick, who would you choose? I realize the odds of both ending up there are not particularly high right now. It's possible one drops, but to have both drop would be surprising even if some lower ranked players really emerge over the coming weeks. Nonetheless I'm curious about this in the abstract.

Peterson seems to be the guy with more upside overall, while Miller could be the pure pass rushing outside linebacker the 49ers have lacked in recent years. Miller might not have the all-around game of Peterson, but it sounds like if he reaches his potential Miller could be a sack monster.