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Michael Vick Receives Franchise Tag From Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles officially placed their franchise tag on quarterback Michael Vick today. Although the uncertain labor situation makes the franchise tag a bit like monopoly money right now, if it carries over into a new labor deal they'll at least be able to retain control of Vick through 2011. I have to imagine they'll work out a long term deal with Vick at some point in the future. Either way, Vick would at least be guaranteed somewhere in the neighborhood of $17 million in 2011 if a new deal is not figure out.

Every so often someone will pitch the idea of Michael Vick coming out to San Francisco. Whether you like him on a personal level or not, Vick is a phenomenal talent. However, it was never going to be easy getting Vick. the franchise tag places first round picks on him now and the 49ers are not going to make that kind of commitment, particularly given the huge contract he'll eventually receive. He'd be an intriguing talent under Jim Harbaugh, but it's not going to happen. And yes I just wrote a post about a guy the 49ers will not be pursuing. Welcome to mid-February.