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Golden Nuggets: Uncertainty Is A [Site Decorum]

Hey folks, we had ourselves some actual goings-on in 49erland yesterday. Unfortunately for me, I was busy writing about hockey and MMA, then I was doing some other things. So I don't know what was covered in the meetings with the coordinators and the media, and I'll find out as I post the links. I am in a hurry though, it's insanely late and I haven't slept in a day or two, I can't remember at this point. Once again, I will implore each and every one of you to vote for Niners Nation in the best NFL team blog poll that's going on right now. We don't get anything special for it, I don't think, but it sure would be nice to beat the folks over at Mile High Report. Just saying. So go ahead and click this link right here and go vote. Here's your links, but no frills today folks, as I don't even know if I'll get this posted on time.

The 49ers have this brand new coaching staff with an awful lot of potential. They have a seemingly capable head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator, but uncertainty permeates the mood. The coaching staff may just go to waste. (

They're scheduled to begin teaching their schemes on March 14th - but who knows if it'll get that far? Personally, I doubt it. (

Vic Fangio's scheme is ready, and he's proceeding as if he's going to implement it, but how his scheme is really used depends on the players. Do the 49ers have the right players? (

HB Frank Gore is set to start running at the end of this month. I hope he can come back 100%. (

Jim Harbaugh likes Anthony Dixon as Frank Gore's backup. I'm fine with that, so long as Harbaugh is. (

Would Kevin Kolb in a 49ers uniform equate to an NFC West title in 2011? I sincerely doubt it. (