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Golden Nuggets: 2011 Scouting Combine Right Around The Corner

With the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine fast approaching, the links are rolling in and I couldn't be happier. This is contrasting to before when I lamented the burden of too many links when not thoroughly prepared to handle them. Sometimes I'm just shooting for something succinct and it ends up screwing me over, but this time I'm ready. I trained long and hard (hah) for this and even watched the Rocky movies a few times. This blogger is now ready for anything and everything that comes his way ... but on the off chance that I happen to miss a link or two (obviously not likely), do everyone a favor and post anything you happen to find in the comments. If it's related — that's great — but if it's not, that's basically fine, too. We essentially have open threads that run all day, and that's the After Dark posts and the Nuggets. Talk about whatever you want, but for now we've got some topicality to work with, so here's some links for you good folk.

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but HB Brian Westbrook and QB Troy Smith are unlikely to return to the 49ers in 2011. They're both free agents, and they both probably don't fit into the team's plans, especially Troy. He's just not the type of quarterback that Jim Harbaugh is looking for, and Westbrook likely made a case for more playing time with his play for the team this past year, but Anthony Dixon is a guy the 49ers want to get involved more. I like them both and wish 'em well, that's for sure. (

Jim Harbaugh has brought on yet another familiar face to the coaching staff. I like the hire, but I especially like it because it came (assuming) with the approval of Ed Donatell, a guy I am very excited about. He might be able to get something out of the secondary, easily the biggest weakness on the 49ers defense last season. (

These labor "negotiations" are getting out of hand at this point. There is no progress, there is nothing to indicate that things will move along in any kind of timely matter. Though, there is some precedence on a much smaller scale that gives me me a small bit of hope — the Michael Crabtree contract negotiations. Nothing was happening at all, Adam Schefter told me flat out "Don't count on it," and then bam: Matt Maiocco was chasing Jed York while MC Hammer used the power of old school hip-hop to make both sides put pen to paper in a pretty decent deal that worked for both sides.

This article is a good one, though it is most definitely biased, it is both thoughtful and smart in its delivery of one side of the argument. It's not so cut-and-dry as to "the owners are preventing everything!" but the overall point that it makes regarding the owners' intentions are very real and it's a good read. I happen to like the line "Maybe they don't need a better collective bargaining agreement. Maybe they need a budget." (

After the jump, thoughts from Mike Mayock, more on the coaching staff and ... more in general.

If you're going to compare the top cornerback prospect, Patrick Peterson, to one of the top fifteen best players in NFL history, Ronnie Lott, take Tre9er's advice and punch yourself in the face repeatedly, but don't stop like he did — keep going until you see a red fog. If, however, you're going to suggest that he follows the same transition as Lott and eventually could become an All-Pro safety, then I'm OK with that for the most part. (

The NFL Network's Mike Mayock (in my opinion the best of the lauded draft experts) thinks that Von Miller would be a great fit for the 49ers at pass-rushing outside linebacker, especially with the seventh overall pick in the draft. I view cornerback as a much higher priority, but I am totally fine with Miller if he's the pick. (

Just because you might be interested, here's the full transcript from the conference call the above nuggets were drawn from originally. (

We've explored the reasons as to why the 49ers could use Alex Smith in 2011, but here's a look as to reasons why the 49ers make sense for Alex Smith. I agree with virtually everything said here, his best chance to succeed is probably in San Francisco, providing there is no ridiculous mental barrier. (

Doesn't it just feel good knowing that the 49ers will be using a west coast offense in 2011? I mean, it's not guaranteed to be successful and we're kidding ourselves if we think that suddenly everything is better now that Mike Singletary and Jimmy Raye are far, far away, but it just feels good to know that the west coast offense will get its chance to shine again in San Francisco. (

Without a new collective bargaining agreement, players are, how you say, uncoordinated. Hah, I get it. That's funny, right there. (

Is the seventh overall pick too much for quarterback Kevin Kolb? You know, I've already put my opinion to paper regarding this, and there's not much else to add. In my mind, Kolb has shown me nothing to illustrate that he is worthy of a first round pick. I would go as high as a second and that still scares me. (

The 49ers coordinators are saying all the right things in regards to the above statement, however. They will get nothing done if they sit and worry about whether or not implementing their schemes will be possible given their time frame — if there even is a time frame — they can only operate under the assumption that they will, at some point, be able to install their systems and are planning accordingly. (

Seely Demeanor. I honestly think I'm most excited about Seely's hiring in regards to the 49ers coaching staff. After Jim Harbaugh, of course. (

Here is Sando's latest chat wrap, always a good read for general NFC West bits. (

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