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Golden Nuggets: Alex Smith Might Be The Only Option ... Scary?

Good morning folks. Yesterday, we had a rather complete edition of the Nuggets, which I urge you to check out in this rather slow offseason. Today, we have plenty of links to go on as well and I have time to dedicate to it, again. Though, I do get disappointed when I put a lot of effort into the Nuggets and we only get a few comments, so you can take that not-so-subtle hint and do with it what you will, of course! The buzz remains on the draft, and not so much free agency because hey, who even knows if we'll have a free agency period, right? I still subscribe to the pessimistic line of thought that there will not be NFL football in 2011. Just a gut feeling, I suppose. I'll also implore you once more to go ahead and vote for Niners Nation in this poll because you love us here. Enjoy the linkage tonight, chiiiildren.

Jim Harbaugh continues to gush about Alex Smith, but why is that? As we've discussed before, it's most likely because Smith might be the best (or only) option for the team in 2011. They need to explore every avenue they can, and if Harbaugh thinks Smith can at least be a passable starter, he wants to make it known that he absolutely loves the kid. (

It was certainly a disappointing year from wide receiver Michael Crabtree. I actually feel as though I can pin one or two of the earlier losses directly on him, and though he got better, he never did quite show that he was a reliable target, let alone a number one receiver. I am of the opinion however, that he will make a big impact in 2011 in Jim Harbaugh's offense. (

If you wanted to read more about what Harbaugh said on KNBR but you don't want to read about the Alex Smith portions, well here you go. Just for you. (

Here's audio from a conference call with the NFL Network's Mike Mayock, and also audio from when Coach Harbaugh was on KNBR. (

Lord of the Schemes. I'm so sick of puns right now, after watching Strikeforce last night and hearing them make seven or either terrible puns, I will pistol whip the next guy to shoot a pun in my direction. (

The 49ers could be looking to diversify their ground game. It's true that Frank Gore will be the workhorse, but there needs to be some air of unpredictability there. (

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