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Niners Nation After Dark: 49ers Fans, I've Got My Courvoisier

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

For those that are wondering about that title, it's from one of the classic SNL characters, Leon Phelps, The Ladies Man. NBC has removed a lot of SNL stuff from YouTube so it's pretty hard to find quality clips. When i first thought of this regular feature, for some reason Leon Phelps taking calls while drinking his Courvoisier popped into my head. Just one of my many random thoughts. It has nothing to do with the 49ers, but I think we can all live with that.

One important programming note. The Golden Nuggets generally go up at 3am pacific each night. When 3am gets here, let's move the conversation over to the Nuggets. Consider this the pre-party before moving on to club number 2, also known as Ninjames' Golden Nuggets (only nominally related to the Golden Nugget casino). I want Niners Nation to basically become a 24/7 party. It might wear you down and make you completely useless at work, but that's the whole point!

As we did yesterday, if you're new here, feel free to post your location (zip code or city) and we'll get you added to our Where in the world is Niners Nation map. I haven't updated from yesterday yet, but I'll be doing that later this afternoon when I get a moment.

I wanted to use this particular thread to tout the awesomeness of Twitter. Ok, maybe it's not awesome to some, but at the very least it's an incredibly useful tool for tracking 49ers news (and any other news) and interacting with folks around the globe. Before anything else, take a moment to read over Tre9er's post on why you should use Twitter and how you should use Twitter. More and more news is being broken via Twitter. Twitter and Facebook were two of the big contributors to the outpouring of rage in Egypt. That's a non-sports example, but things like that can happen with social networking. Last year during the NBA season Bill Simmons set up a twitter feed to organize fans to chant certain things during different parts of games and it actually worked to some modest effect.

The point is, you can do as much or as little with Twitter and benefit however you like. For now, you can follow Niners Nation HERE and you can follow our list of 49ers players on Twitter. After the jump I've got a list of all those players if you want to add them. Thanks to Sam Lam for listing a few I had missed. I'll add this to the side of the page at some point, but for now consider this a solid resource.

I mention all this now in part because of some interesting tweets I've seen over the past few days. My favorite came a couple nights ago when Joe Staley (jstaley74) tweeted that he was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops and was looking for people to play online. Even just a few years back you wouldn't have been able to do anything like this. Twitter may not be something you can dive as much as other people, but there is still some value to be had in it.

CB Nate Clements: @NateClements

TE Vernon Davis: @VernonDavis85

RB Anthony Dixon: @Boobie24Dixon

NT Ricky Jean Francois: @Freakyjean

LB Takeo Spikes: @TakeoSpikes51

OL Adam Snyder: @ASnyds68

FS Dashon Goldson: @thehawk38

LB NaVorro Bowman: @NBowman53

QB David Carr: @DCarr_5

LT Joe Staley: @jstaley74

LB Patrick Willis: @PatrickWillis52

SS Reggie Smith: @superreg30

RB Brian Westbrook: @20westbrook

QB Troy Smith: @TroySmith_1_

CB C.J. Spillman: @CJSPILLMAN27

LB Keaton Kristick: @KKRISTICK32

WR Dominique Zeigler: @DZeigler17