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Golden Nuggets: Time For The NFL Draft Yet?

The entire sporting world (exaggeration) is now fixated on the Super Bowl, which means I'm turning off my television. It's not bitterness regarding the 49ers' absence from the big game, I'm just not a fan of all the antics and the like from media day/week. It's odd, considering I'm generally huge on listening to player interviews and the like, but I really dislike the Pittsburgh Steelers because of Ben Roethlisberger, so I can't be bothered to watch. As far as the 49ers go, there's not much to report at the moment - the coaching staff is basically in place and everyone is looking forward to the scouting combine and the draft. The scouting combine is actually one thing I love watching, so I can't wait for that. Not sure what kind of links I have for you today, so we'll find out together. Enjoy, folks.

Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers had nothing but good things to say regarding the 49ers new coach holding the same title, Vic Fangio. I'm happy with his hiring, I'm just worried about his consistency. (

Jim Harbaugh's team played smash mouth football at Stanford. It's a lot different than Mike Singletary's definition of the phrase, because it actually works. (

The 49ers receivers as a whole had fewer catches this past season in comparison to the previous, and yet - more yardage. Good stuff. (

There are four things the 49ers can do at the quarterback position for 2011 - which is the one you find most attractive? (

Thanks to Barrows for the shoutout to NN in his blog. (

Marecic is a Throwback. (

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I love that the US government is getting involved with things like folks watching soccer games and streaming MMA events when there are much more pressing things for them to be worrying about, but hey folks - it's your tax dollars at work and not really pertinent discussion for Niners Nation, so keep it mostly about how disappointing it is that you'll have trouble streaming your games next season. Actually, to preempt that as as well - don't worry about that. There will be ways for you to do it if you really want to, though you won't get them from me. Just letting you know now - do not worry.

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