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Golden Nuggets: Not A Lot Today

After a few days of prosper in the Nuggets, we're now back down to couple-links-a-day territory. Thanks though, to those of you who tried to drum up discussion even though it's rather difficult during the offseason. Today, the Nuggets will likely be less complete than before, mostly because I watched too much Futurama and forgot I had to write up this post, but you know how that is, don't you? If you don't, you really should, because that's basically one of the greatest shows of all time. When it comes to 49ers links, like I said earlier, there really aren't many. There is an interesting piece that I will be linking to as the first link, so go ahead and check that out. But beyond that, yeah, not a whole lot to go with. The offseason blows. Also, it was the girlie's fault too. Yeah. She took up too much of my time on the phone. Blame her. :]

Jim Harbaugh is on the case of the missing Walsh tapes. Yes, the missing Walsh tapes - I honestly had no idea that anything was missing or taken. That's pretty crazy. I feel violated. (

Hey look at that, the league and the union met up for a second day of labor talks. I suppose that's progress in its own. (

Sorry folks, that's about it and I ran out of time.

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