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Golden Nuggets: Competition Is Always Good

Good morning everyone, James here. Quick apologies for lack of substance in yesterday's Nuggets, I was just way too out of it. Tonight, I will make them much more complete but I am starting them very early so I can get some sleep for once. That means if you happen to come across a 49ers-related (or something of substance around the NFL) link that I missed, it likely came after that fact and you should do everybody a favor and post it in the comments. I'm really glad to hear Jim Harbaugh say that there's not going to be any naming of a starting quarterback, not that we have any on the roster or anything like that, but it's still good to know. I want one guy to distinguish himself as the starter, so there's no doubt as to who it's going to be before the announcement is actually made. If they have to enlighten everybody in that way, I feel like the position will not be strong. But I'm just rambling at this point, so let's get to your linkage. Enjoy, folks.

Some intelligent souls have spoken out against Kevin Kolb playing for the 49ers in 2011. At the very least, they're debunking the line of thinking that puts Kolb and a seventh overall pick on equal ground. I just don't think he's worth it ... I really don't think he's worth a second, either, but I wouldn't flip out if they went that route. Also note, the usage of "intelligent" in the first sentence is a joke. Don't cry. (

If you missed Jim Harbaugh gushing about Alex Smith, here's another good rundown of what happened. In short, Harbaugh is either totally infatuated with Smith, or he's just playing him like a pro, making sure he's got a backup if need be. That sounds so awful. (

And here's a look at Harbaugh's thoughts on Smith so far, with a ranking of how Smith actually fits into the labels. I mostly agree with this piece. (

Hey, if you missed out, for lack of something more time-pertinent to push out, Maiocco took a look at the past week and what's went down in 49erland. (

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