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49ers QB Trade Situation: Kevin Kolb For A First Round Pick And "Something Else" ?

Thanks to the folks at Bleeding Green Nation for finding the latest update on Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb and possible trades. Dan Pompei of National Football Post is indicating the Eagles have cleared up what they would be looking for in a potential trade. Apparently the Eagles are looking for a first round pick and "something else," which he seems to infer could be a third round pick. Pompei is not clear as to whether he is basing that third round mention on his own opinion, or fact-based speculation. Maybe it would end up being a player instead of another pick. It's hard to tell from Pompei's comments.

The initial problem with any deal is whether a new CBA would be done in time for a trade involving 2011 draft picks. If the CBA is done after the draft then we'd be talking about 2012 draft picks, and I have to wonder if that could lead to a change in the asking price. I've posted a poll question that assesses this potential trade package as Pompei states it.

I know we've got some divided opinions on Kolb, but I'm at least intrigued by the potential of adding him. The biggest drawback to doing this kind of deal is the fact that he has such a limited body of work to assess. Given Kolb's relatively limited playing time throughout his career, I pulled up his Scouts Inc scouting report (Insider-protected). This scouting report was written heading into the 2010 season, so definitely consider that when analyzing this particular report.:

Kolb has good size and arm strength with enough athleticism to make plays out of the pocket. He isn't a huge run threat but can avoid and slide to deliver effectively on the move. Kolb can make all the throws but can't power the ball into tight windows. He is best on short and intermediate throws and needs playing time to improve his timing and accuracy.

His on-field performance makes the idea of giving up a 1st and a 3rd round pick questionable to say the least. However, in the abstract, he seems like the type of quarterback that could excel in the west coast offense. Nothing is ever done in the abstract, so we have to assess whether he's worth the price of admission.

If you knew he could be a solid WCO quarterback and could become the 49ers answer over the next 6-8 years (give or take), wouldn't you make this deal in a heart beat? It's not quite so simple in reality, but it's something to at least factor in. A "franchise" quarterback is not the easiest thing to define. Some would point to a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers as a franchise quarterback, but I don't think a "franchise" QB needs to be even that great. If a QB can bring consistency to the position, make some plays and be a solid leader, that would seemingly be enough.

It becomes quite the roll of the dice given the picks involved. Are Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke prepared to roll the dice and put everything on the line with such a deal? It remains to be seen, but it would certainly spice up the offseason and the 2011 NFL season.