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2011, 2012 NFL Draft: Alex Tanney Trick Shot QB Number Two

Earlier this month pwillisbeast52 put together a FanPost with video of Connecticut quarterback Johnny McEnteemaking a variety of trick throws. McEntee will be returning to UConn next year so he won't be getting discussion for this year's draft (or even necessarily future drafts). Apparently however, McEntee has been an inspiration for others. A Division III quarterback has followed up McEntee's video with his own video. Alex Tanney of D-III Monmouth College (Illinois) put together his own video I've posted after the jump (tip of the cap to Matt Barrows tweeting the video from a National Football Post link).

I'm not 100% sure of Tanney's status for the 2011 NFL Draft. He missed almost the entire 2010 season with a torn A-C- joint in his right shoulder. I've seen reports he's going to have a medical redshirt and return to Monmouth in 2011, but most reports indicate he will be deciding "during the winter months." Considering he's not in division one, I'd imagine the news will only slowly get out. Scouts Inc has not included him on their QB rankings thus far (which do include a D-3 quarterback).

If he does enter the draft, I'd imagine he'd end up as an undrafted free agent. Prior to this past season's injury he was putting together filthy numbers at Monmouth, setting just about every passing record at the school. According to Tanney, they run a no-huddle, hurry-up style of offense in which they want to snap the ball with no more than five seconds off the clock. This up-tempo offense has resulted in Tanney throwing for 10,382 yards in 34+ games (knocked out early in 35th game).

The numbers are a bit freakish given the offensive system, but I still figure it's worth looking into. conducted an interview with Tanney last summer before what was supposed to be his senior season. Tanney discussed his work in pro-style offenses, his best routes and his own strengths as a QB.

Matt: Have you spent any time or done any training in a pro-style offense?
Alex: This past spring and summer I've been working only under center. The people I've talked to told me to work on that, so we have been.

Matt: What is the most comfortable route for you to throw to?
Alex: The 12-18 yard comeback and the dig coming across the field are my most comfortable throws. With the type of offense we run, those are options coming off quite a few routes or 'combo' routes as we call them. I get the most of these type of throws in practice and in the games.

Matt: What do you feel is your biggest strength?
Alex: I would say two things: my accuracy, that's what I've focused on since I was in HS.  Just being extremely accurate with the ball and taking care of the ball. Then I would say my work ethic.  Since high school, I've put on about 45 pounds just working out in the weight room. Just to get my size up to be durable and to get a stronger arm.

Now I'm not saying Tanney is a guy the 49ers should automatically be targeting as an undrafted free agent this year or next year. It's easy to get enamored by some under the radar guy just because of the buzz around his trick-shot video. However, things like this get these guys on the radar. I'm sure scouts have made appearances at Monmouth games, but I can't imagine he's been high on the radar of many teams. A little gimmick video like this could at least get his name out there for more teams to at least consider.