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Golden Nuggets: Just Hate. Lots Of It.

I really hate getting online and reading about all of these proposed changes to the NFL. If it isn't bad enough that there is a huge labor dispute going on, one of the sticking points just has to be Roger Goodell and his personal agenda screwing up everything with his proposed talk of an eighteen-game season. He said there were no deal breakers, which might be true, but I'm willing to bed his reluctance to leave the idea alone has caused more than a few stalemates. Then I get on and read stuff about potentially more playoff teams? I don't like that ... that's too many teams getting into the playoffs. I like that you need to win your division, and I like that if you can't, you really do need to be up there in wins. More wildcards is a terrible idea, almost as terrible as eighteen games. Maybe I'm just callous and bitter, but that's my take. I can go in it more if you'd like, but it won't be pretty if I do. Enjoy folks.

How much Frank Gore should we expect from the 49ers in 2011? I'm hoping for a great deal, honestly. I'm absolutely crushed that his streak of consecutive 1,000 yard seasons was broken. (

The city of Santa Clara is rallying around the 49ers stadium effort. Not out of team pride or anything, they're all a bunch of greedy people. I can identify with that. (

Want to see some of the best sports writing you'll see in awhile? Well here you go - unfortunately it's about concussions, something I can't help but hate reading about. Still, I'm not a "turn the other cheek," kind of guy, I've done my research. (

Here's a look at how Alex Smith has fared in quarterback competitions. The article fails to mention that the 2008 competition wasn't really a competition at all. It was complete fabrication, the entire thing. (

Grab bag: Harbaugh, Walsh, QBs and 'athletic instincts' (

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