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2011 NFL Combine Preview

INDIANAPOLIS - The 2011 rookie class will be piling in by the ton through those very doors tomorrow, February 23rd. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS - The 2011 rookie class will be piling in by the ton through those very doors tomorrow, February 23rd. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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Last year's combine was filled with plenty of entertainment. This years should be nothing short of that from a talent stand point, although I am sure there will be plenty of talk from the analysts about the possibility of a lockout and all of the stuff surrounding the potential new CBA. It could get quite annoying in hearing all of the details over and over if they wind up burring the combine itself.

Tomorrow will kick things off with all the weigh-in type of stuff. The actual events don't begin until Thursday, February 24th. The coverage begins at 2:30 pm EST/ 11:30 am PST on NFL Network. The first two days of coverage won't be full of fireworks considering the fact that they will mainly just be press conferences. It won't be until Saturday, the 26th when all the real action begins.

There has been debate as to just how useful the NFL combine actually is. Players have been known to not have the best NFL combine, and thereafter go on to have great pro days at their respective schools, or nearby regional schools. What the combine does do well, is showcase some of the players skills that were not as built up by either going to a larger school, or bigger program. Some of the smaller school guys will have a chance in front of scouts and coaches to demonstrate their abilities.

Which ever way you personally look at what kind of impact the combine has and doesn't have, there will be several players that will hold plenty of intrigue. After the jump below, we'll preview some players at each position that should be looked at very closely for 49ers fans.


Cameron Newton (Auburn) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st round)

Blaine Gabbert (Missouri) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st/ 2nd round)

Jake Locker (Washington) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st/ 2nd round)

Colin Kaepernick (Nevada) - (Pre-Combine projection 2nd/ 3rd round)

Christian Ponder (Florida State) - (Pre-Combine projection 2nd/ 3rd round)

Patrick Devlin (Delaware) - (Pre-Combine projection 4th/ 5th round)

T.J. Yates (North Carolina) - (Pre-Combine projection 6th/ 7th round)

Tyrod Taylor (Virginia Tech) - (Pre-Combine projection 6th/ 7th round)

Nathan Enderle (Idaho) - (Pre-Combine projection 7th round/ UDFA)


Noel Devine (West Virginia) - (Pre-Combine projection 3rd/ 4th round)

Shane Vereen (California) - (Pre-Combine projection 3rd round)

Derrick Locke (Kentucky) - (Pre-Combine projection 4th/ 5th round)

Dion Lewis (Pittsburgh) - (Pre-Combine projection 4th/ 5th round)

Brandon Saine (Ohio State) - (Pre-Combine projection 5th/ 6th round)

Taiwan Jones (E. Washington) - (Pre-Combine projection 7th round/ UDFA)

Alex Green (Hawaii) - (Pre-Combine projection 7th round/ UDFA)


A.J. Green (Georgia) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st round)

Multiple wide receivers Pre-Combine projected round 3-7. Too many to list


Jah Reid (Central Florida) - (Pre-Combine projection 6th round/ 7th round)

David Arkin (Missouri State) - (Pre-Combine projection 7th round/ UDFA)

Adam Grant (Arizona) - (Pre-Combine projection 7th round/ UDFA)


Owen Marecic (Stanford) - (Pre-Combine projection 4th round)

Stan Havili (USC) - (Pre-Combine projection 4th/ 5th round)

Shaun Chapas (Georgia) - (Pre-Combine projection 6th/ 7th round)

Anthony Sherman (UConn) - (Pre-Combine projection 7th round/ UDFA)


Nick Fairely (Auburn) - (Pre-Combine projection Top 10 selection)

Phil Taylor (Baylor) - (Pre-Combine projection 2nd/ 3rd round)

Marvin Austin (UNC) - (Pre-Combine projection 2nd/ 3rd round)

Drake Nevis (LSU) - (Pre-Combine projection 3rd/ 4th round)

Kendrick Ellis (Hampton) - (Pre-Combine projection 3rd/ 4th round)

Jerrell Powe (Mississippi) - (Pre-Combine projection 3rd/ 4th round)

Christian Ballard (Iowa) - (Pre-Combine projection 4th/ 5th round)


Cameron Jordan (California) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st round)

Marcell Dareus (Alabama) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st round)

Adrian Clayborn (Iowa) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st/ 2nd round)

Cameron Heyward (Ohio State) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st/ 2nd round)

Pierre Allen (Nebraska) - (Pre-Combine projection 3rd/ 4th round)

Ricky Elmore (Arizona) - (Pre-Combine projection 4th/ 5th round)

DeMarcus Dobbs (Georgia) - Pre-Combine projection 6th/ 7th round)


Robert Quinn (UNC) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st round)

Von Miller (Texas A&M) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st round)

Aldon Smith (MIssouri) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st/ 2nd round)

Ryan Kerrigan (Purdue) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st/ 2nd round)

Brooks Reed (Arizona) - (Pre-Combine projection 2nd/ 3rd round)

Justin Houston (Georgia) - (Pre-Combine projection 2nd/ 3rd round)

Sam Acho (Texas) - (Pre-Combine projection 3rd round)

Dontay Moch (Nevada) (Pre-Combine projection 3rd round)

Greg Romeus (Pittsburgh) - (Pre-Combine projection 5th round)

Wayne Daniels (TCU) - (Pre-Combine projection 5th/ 6th round)

Brian Duncan (Texas Tech) - (Pre-Combine projection 6th/ 7th round)


Patrick Peterson (LSU) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st round)

Prince Amukamara (Nebraska) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st round)

Jimmy Smith (Colorado) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st round)

Brandon Harris (Miami) - (Pre-Combine projection 1st/ 2nd round)

Multiple players to watch pre-combine projections 3rd- 7th rounds. Too many to list.


Tejay Johnson (TCU) - (Pre-Combine projection 3rd/ 4th round)

Will Hill (Florida) - (Pre-Combine projection 4th/ 5th round)

Shiloh Keo (Idaho) - (Pre-Combine projection 7th round/ UDFA)

Note: Feel free to add your won thoughts in the commenting section. I was a bit pressed for time to get this out on time, so any players you feel that were left off, could be discussed below.