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NFLPA All-Star Game: Texas Vs. The Nation Video And Draft Analysis

A couple weeks ago the NFLPA put on the 2011 Texas vs. The Nation All Star Game in San Antonio. This game is a bit less well known and followed the East-West Shrine Game and Senior Bowl, but still involves a host of draft-eligible players from around the country. I bring this up now because the folks at Mocking The Draft recently updated their Prospect Film Library with video from the game. Additionally there is analysis worth checking out to complete your view of various draft prospects.

In case you missed my post on this earlier in the month, Mocking the Draft (MTD) has been developing a film library via YouTube. They take video of games throughout the 2010 college football season and they edit the video to shorten them. They remove commercials, the numerous breaks throughout a game and also most special teams plays unless something notable happens, thus cutting it down to only game action. It takes what can be three or more hours of TV time and turns it into 20-40 minutes of action. If you're trying to scout a prospect you can go to the library and watch all their 2010 games in a matter of a few hours. They haven't uploaded even close to every game but they're updating it every day with new games.

They recently added the NFLPA All Star Game in four parts (Nation O vs. Texas D 1st half - Nation D vs. Texas O 1st half - Nation O vs. Texas D 2nd half - Nation D vs. Texas O 2nd half). Analysis was not easy to come by, but I found a few pertinent links that go through some of the winners and losers. I've posted them after the jump.

Did anybody here watch the game at all? In looking at Mocking the Draft's Top 200 rankings, WR Denarius Moore (Tennessee) was the highest rated layer in the game, coming in at No. 140. There were some other ranked players but not a ton of them. In looking through the analysis (linked after the jump), Moore seemed to do as much for his draft stock as anybody else. He made a splash with a 28-yard touchdown early in the game and finished the first half with four receptions for 52 yards and the touchdown (can't find a full-game box score). I've posted the links after the jump if you're interested in some of the less known names in this year's draft. If you watched the game or if any of the analysis jumps out at you, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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