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Fooch's Update 2/25 - Now that the Combine is about to get into the measurements and drills, sites are putting together the necessary information. Walter Football and Draft Countdown will be tracking this stuff over the coming days. Right now it's height, weight, and hand size information.

Fooch's Note: Things are a bit quiet through the first day of the 2011 NFL Combine as players primarily handle administrative issues like registration and orientation. However, we'll have this thread going all week (likely adding new threads along the way). We won't be moving every Combine Discussion FanPost to the front, but keep an eye out for them as we move through the week.

All of the invitees rolled in to Indianapolis today in the first step of a very long process for these soon to be NFL rookies. Tomorrow the coverage begins on NFL Network at 11:30 PST. Most of the coverage will feature all of the live press conferences. Thursday and Friday will perhaps be the least eventful out of this week long event. Then Saturday through the 1st of March will feature all of the drills by position.

Fooch wanted me to include the following twitter accounts for all of you to keep up with throughout the week:

Hogs Haven -
Turf Show Times -
Mocking The Draft -
Stampede Blue -

Some folks may find Matt Barrows, and Matt Maiocco's twitter feeds from Indianapolis useful as well:

Those four SB Nation sites have representatives in attendance at the combine. I hope to be included with those folks for next years draft giving all of you die-hard Niners fans the inside scoop.

Here also is a link to the 49ers Combine Central:

There was an article in that section written by Scott Kegley in which I asked him to try and interview a few players that have driven quite a bit of conversation here at Niners Nation. Click here if you have any players you have in mind for Scott (and the rest of the crew) to interview.

With the CBA negotiations still in limbo, life will move on for these rookies. It's still uncertain whether or not a new CBA would effect this rookie class' pockets, but it appears as though it's a real possibility. So, in the sense that the combine could hurt players in the wallet one way or the other, it may not have all too much baring on huge quantities.

The purpose of this thread is to avoid multiple posts regarding the combine. Any and all comments in reference to the 2011 combine should be made right here. Enjoy, and don't forget to rec the post up to the top.

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