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2011 NFL Mock Draft Database, NFL Combine Edition - 49ers Draft Predictions 1.3

Mock Draft Wrong Bunch
Mock Draft Wrong Bunch

We're back with another look at our 2011 NFL Mock Draft Database of 49ers pick predictions. The combine is officially underway and next week we could start to see some significant changes in the predictions. Given that I figured it'd be nice to have one last look before that shake-up happens. As compared to last week's mock draft database we had very little change. Patrick Patterson and cornerbacks remain the top player and position.

The most significant change sees Von Miller drop to just one mock draft prediction and Robert Quinn add a few more predictions to bring his total to five. While the Combine is fairly important to everybody, a guy like Quinn gets even more out of it because he missed all of 2010 due to eligibility issues. He'll get a chance to show what kind of condition he is in and how motivated he has been without the discipline of a coach and team.

I can't really make predictions about who will have a big Combine, but I can make some predictions based on hypotheticals. For instance, if Patrick Peterson has a strong Combine, particularly in terms of the 40-yard dash, he could officially price himself out of the 49ers range. The Broncos re-signing of Champ Bailey might impact that, but if Peterson has a strong Combine I'd have to imagine somebody out there would want him in the top six, whether it be a current team or a team trading up.

Head HERE or after the jump to take a look at the current mock draft database.

2011 Mock Draft Database
Site (Last Update)
1st Rnd Pick Pos. College
Draft Countdown - 2/15 Robert Quinn OLB UNC
Draft Tek - 2/23 Robert Quinn OLB UNC
Walter Football - 2/23 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
Mocking the Draft - 2/23 Marcell Dareus DT Alabama
SB Nation NFL - 2/21 Marcell Dareus
DT Alabama - 2/16 Robert Quinn
Draft Ace - 2/20 Blaine Gabbert
QB Missouri
CBS Sports (Chad Reuter) - 2/21 Robert Quinn OLB UNC
CBS Sports (Rob Rang) - 2/13
Robert Quinn
The Football Expert (Clearwater) - 2/11 Patrick Peterson
TFE (Cox) - 1/25 Patrick Peterson
New NFL Draft - 2/22 Cam Newton
QB Auburn
NFL Draft Updates - 1/31 Jake Locker QB Washington
FF Jungle - 2/13 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
Draft King - 2/6 Patrick Peterson
NFL Draft Dog - 1/23 Patrick Peterson
Mel Kiper - 2/16 Patrick Peterson
Todd McShay - 2/10 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
New Era Scouting - 2/2 Von Miller
OLB Texas A&M
FF Toolbox (Dimon) - 2/15 Blaine Gabbert
QB Missouri
FF Toolbox (De Lima) - 2/15 Patrick Peterson
FF Toolbox (Standig) - 2/21 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
FF Toolbox (Warner) - 2/14 Prince Amukamara
CB Nebraska
FF Toolbox (Weida) - 2/3 Prince Amukamara
CB Nebraska
FF Toolbox (Welser) - 2/14 Marcell Dareus
DT Alabama
Footballs Future - 2/8 Blaine Gabbert
QB Missouri
Draft Season (Taylor) - 1/28 Jake Locker
QB Washington
Draft Season (Falk) - 2/21 Patrick Peterson
Draft Season (Edlund) - 2/7 Prince Amukamara
CB Nebraska
NFL Draft Today - 2/12 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

Results To Date -- 2/23/11
By Position
Position #
Defensive Tackle 3

By Player
Name #
Patrick Peterson
Blaine Gabbert 5
Robert Quinn 5
Prince Amukamara 4
Marcell Dareus 3
Jake Locker 2
Cameron Newton 1
Von Miller 1