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Golden Nuggets: 2011 NFL Scouting Combine... Awesome

Woohoo, the combine is here! I mean, technically it was here yesterday, but there was nothing on the movin' picture box in my office, so it may as well be beginning today! There's something so wildly addictive in watching the workouts drills, but it really is easy to pay too much attention to such things as well. Sometimes I find myself completely engrossed in a player that I am convinced will be the next big thing, and that player ends up never starting a game in the NFL. I'm getting started on the Nuggets a bit late, so they may be a little incomplete as I rush to get them done but I do believe I have a few pertinent 49ers links for you to peruse this morning. If I missed anything, let me, and the rest of us, know by posting it in the comments. Enjoy the linkage chiiildren.

Are there any players that the 49ers can lock up before the "lockout?" Barrows notes that David Baas and Alex Smith are two players the team would like to have under contract, but I agree with him in that it's unlikely to happen. (

The 49ers have added a new assistant coach of something or other for someone or something like that. Did you get that? It's slightly less confusing than the actual moniker. (

An ex-scout says that Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers are in a "bit of a pickle." I am aware of this particular scout and do not enjoy his opinions nor his agenda, so I'll let you guys read and discuss the piece, but I'm going to bow this one out! (

I've already taken a look at this myself (ahem) but here's a brief evaluation of the offensive line and where it's at going forward. I'm happy with the line at this point. (

Here's a Q&A with the 49ers new quarterbacks coach, Geep Chryst. (

It sure would be great if the 49ers could land Patrick Peterson. Wouldn't it? Well, it would take an awful lot for him to fall, but it is possible, and I took a look at just how it could happen. (

Clark, Seifert to be inducted in BASHOF(

Combine Snapshots: Part 2 (

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