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49ers and the NFL/CBA: Harbaugh Receives Warning for Working with Alex Smith

During my drive to work this morning I had the AM radio tuned to ESPN for Mike and Mike. They were talking with Chris Mortensen about the NFL having a meeting with representatives from each team today (I believe) to discuss work-stoppage protocol. This lead to Mort talking about another topic and using the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh, and Alex Smith as an example.

Mort said that Harbaugh received a stern warning from the NFL regarding his recent dealings with Smith on the practice field. The phrase "docked draft picks" was even used to describe disciplinary action that could result from this sort of interaction between teams and players.

We all remember the reports from the beat-writers that Harbaugh and Smith had "talked" and "thrown the football". Harbaugh acknowledged this as well in saying he wanted to see what Smith might have to contribute to the team going forward.

It seems now that the NFL is taking the stance that nothing football-related can go down at this point. Mort went so far as to say "no playbooks being sent home with players, no organized activities", essentially just working out and treatment for injuries.

There aren't any solid links that I can find to corroborate this but I'm sure some of you heard Mike and Mike this morning and can confirm Mort said this. I'd expect ESPN/others to run some stories on this as it seems to be news to everyone.

This is going to seriously hamper teams like the 49ers and Rams who have new systems in place and young QB's or in the 49ers case, NO QB!