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2011 NFL Combine: Jim Harbaugh Speaks With The Press - MP3

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is in attendance at the 2011 NFL Combine and he took about 15 minutes to do some Q&A with the media in Indianapolis. I've linked to an mp3 file so you can listen to what Coach Harbaugh has to say: Jim Harbaugh NFL Combine Press Conference (mp3 file)

The press conference lasts about 15 minutes and he addressed a wide range of topics including the current team, his perception of and work with Trent Baalke, and of course his brother John. The 49ers haven't sent out a transcript and unfortunately I don't have time to transcribe this right now. Once I do get a transcript I'll add it after the jump (I'll add an update to this post when it happens).

In the meantime, I'd say take a few minutes to listen to what Coach Harbaugh has to say. Additionally, Jim Harbaugh and his brother John took some time to make an appearance on the NFL Network set. This particular interview is just over eight minutes and includes a nice mix of questions with some honest and interesting answers. At the 5:30 mark (give or take), Mike Lombardi asks Jim where he's at in the quarterback evaluation process. Harbaugh was able to stiff arm the question with some of the general responses about evaluating the talent on the roster (Carr) and off the roster be it through free agency, the draft, or trades.

At this point Harbaugh has mastered the art of saying nothing when it comes to the quarterback question. I'm not here to judge him on that because there's only so much he actually can say. The media seems to want him to say something about either really liking Alex Smith or being enamored by QB X in the draft. He can't really make comments about trades and free agency due to tampering issues, so it's safe to say we'll continue getting the generic QB comments until we get to the Draft.