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Golden Nuggets: You Bored Yet?

Good morning all, I'm coming to you with very suspect internet and limited time with which to access said suspect internet, so today's Nuggets will need to be a lot more condensed, a little bit of the short n' sweet, if you will. The television coverage of the 2011 NFL Scouting combine began yesterday, and while I was awake, I watched quite a bit of it. Today should be a lot more interesting with drills and all of that. Apparently there was also some Q&As and things of that nature with the 49ers, but I hadn't been paying attention at that point so I'm not sure what I've got for you link-wise. I'm exhausted so let's get to 'em right away. Enjoy, chiiiildren.

Here's a complete transcript from Jim Harbaugh's Q&A  at the Scouting Combine. (

The NFL warned Jim Harbaugh on certain contact with quarterback Alex Smith. (

Paraag Marathe has been promoted to the COO within the 49ers organization. Solid move, I suppose, since it seems like he does a good job. (

Takeo Spikes is making a good impression on Jim Harbaugh.That makes me really happy, because I want Takeo back in a 49ers uniform next season, basically more than I want anything else related to this team. (

Could the 49ers acquire quarterback Kevin Kolb via trade? I am not reading this because I simply do not want him. At all. (

Harbaugh has been pretty adamant regarding his feelings toward Alex Smith. No poker face there. He's come just short of taking a boom box to Smith's house and ... well, you know the rest. (

Aaaand, here is the transcript with Trent Baalke from the combine. (

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