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SB Nation Scheduled Downtime Tonight from 1AM-3AM Pacific

I posted about this on Twitter but I wanted to follow up with a post as well so people are aware of what's going on here at Niners Nation tonight. The entire SB Nation network of blogs will be down from 1am to 3am pacific as the tech folks institute a fairly significant upgrade. The layout of the site won't change, but rather this is more like under-the-hood work. From what I understand this should cut down on the network outages unrelated to site upgrades. Additionally it should hopefully speed up the process so the sites don't end up down for too long in the future.

As I mentioned, I posted this on Twitter as well. If you're not a Twitter fan, you should at least keep track of the Niners Nation twitter account. While I can't catch every outage, if the site is down and I know about it I try and post a mention on the twitter account. Additionally, I use it to post shorter thoughts and messages. It can also be easier for folks to send quick questions rather than via email sometimes. Some folks have questioned whether Twitter has reached its peak, but there is plenty of valuable information on Twitter if you're not already checking it out.