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Golden Nuggets: Wherein I Actually Defend Cam Newton

So yesterday I had to stay up until four in the morning to post the Nuggets because I neglected to schedule them before the server upgrades took place. Tonight, I can get to bed a much more normal hour for me ... three in the morning. Anyway, I'm bummed out right now for many reasons, some of them personal, but one of them is that my favorite mixed martial arts fighter, George Sotiropoulos lost last night at UFC 127. It totally sucks, about as much as it does when the 49ers lose a football game. Probably worse, more like losing a playoff game because he was on the title track. Speaking of the 49ers, we should have plenty more links for you, once again, pertaining to the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine and things of that nature. By the way, have you been watching? Are you enjoying? I definitely am. Here's some links.

Quarterbacks Ryan Mallet and Cam Newton were under scrutiny at the combine yesterday. I really don't think Newton will be a good quarterback, and I definitely do not want the 49ers to be drafting him, but I think the recent uproar about his comments are ... to put it bluntly: stupid. Nothing is wrong at all with what he said, but that's why it's a "spin." The fact is that there are a ton of players like this. You have your Newton model, then you have your very humble Gerald McCoy model (random example) and then you have your Anthony "AWW  YEEEAH EVERYBODY DANCE AND HAVE FUN" Dixon model, the type who just want to have fun and be, you know, awesome. (

I figured that the 49ers wouldn't be extending anybody before the CBA expires, and I also figured that they wouldn't seriously be trying. Good to hear they're at least talking, however. (

I think these "two views" on Alex Smith are both a little wrong, in that I believe too much is being read on Trent Baalke's stance, which to me is that of a typical general manager. The coach is allowed to be invested in players, the general manager is supposed to be the level-headed guy behind him. (

Somebody tell Vernon Davis he doesn't have to worry about playing scared anymore! The 49ers defense, however, will likely be doing so to an extent. Vic Fangio is a scary dude at times. (

If you missed what Michael Lombardi had to say about the 49ers, you can check out a piece here. He basically said that Jim Harbaugh couldn't run the same offense he did at Stanford and be successful at the NFL level. (

Apparently, it's not only hard to find good quarterbacks, it's also hard to find good quarterback coaches. I can totally see this, as we have been treated to some pretty sloppy coaching on that front. (

Sione Fua is getting some stellar help these days, though it is from one of his biggest positional enemies: former 49ers center Jeremy Newberry. Awesome. (

I'm liking 3-4 OLB Von Miller more and more every day. He's the best at the position in the draft, and although he's a little bit undersized, he plays strong. (

The 49ers could be going after a running back in the draft, probably in the middle rounds, which might be a good thing because this draft is deep with talent that have boom or bust potential. (

You may have missed it in all the discussion regarding Cam Newton, but Colin Kaepernick also spoke to the media. He disagrees with the label he's been given as a project quarterback. I think he's closer to NFL-ready than some people think, but he definitely still has work to do. (

It sure would be great if the 49ers could land Patrick Peterson. I don't really see it happening, but it's clear that the 49ers will definitely need to address their passing defense in the draft. (

Plenty to Like About D-Line Class (

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