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Golden Nuggets: Cam Newton, Ryan Mallett, And Cam Newton

Cam Newton. Cam Newton, cam newton; cam newton cam newton cam newton - cam newton! RYAN MALLETT CAM NEWTON! Newton. Cam. That's basically the gist of the NFL Network's cover of the 2011 Scouting Combine yesterday. I really enjoyed watching the quarterbacks toss the football around, and I was actually impressed with quite a few of them, but I stopped enjoying the actual coverage pretty early on, mostly because Cam Newton doesn't deserve all of this coverage. I just don't see anything good about his quarterback play, save for his ability on the deep ball. I thought Devlin had a good day, and Locker impressed considering what was expected of him. I felt like the folks on the NFLN were talking Ryan Mallett up when I really didn't see a whole lot. Sure, some of the balls that weren't caught were the fault of the receivers, but he horribly overthrew a number of times. That's not admirable. I don't really know, here's some links for you.

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert believes he is NFL ready and can make an impact from day one. I think he can too, the only problem is, I don't expect him to get much better than he is now. (

Jake Locker had a much better day than most expected him to have. I still believe him to be a good option for the 49ers and their west coast offense. (

Could Patrick Peterson be the guy that the 49ers draft in the first round? I sincerely hope so, though I do doubt he falls that far. (

Peterson did, after all, meet with the 49ers at the combine, which is not a surprise at all. (

Maiocco has been talking about Chrisitan Ponder an awful lot, or it least appears that way. I consider him a solid option, especially in this offense. (

How does everyone feel about Robert Quinn? I certainly like him and I like that he apparently came off very well at the combine, but I also think there will be better players at the seventh pick. (

John Elway something something something I don't like this guy something something. (

Here's a piece which claims that Gabbert is the only option for the 49ers in this draft. The title says best option, but later on it says he's the only option for a quarterback of the future, which is confusing to me considering he's the best option for a quarterback of the "now," and not necessarily the future considering his low ceiling and high floor. He may have meant in the first round, but that's not how it reads at the time of me posting this. (

Combine Live Blog: Sunday (

Newton Under The Microscope (

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