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2011 NFL Draft: Is Robert Quinn Too Big To Be An OLB?

I was catching some of the NFL combine coverage this morning and in between some drills, Mike Mayock was discussing Robert Quinn and his potential fit at the next level. Mayock thinks Quinn is relatively scheme diverse, but he believes Quinn fits best at the NFL level bringing the heat as an edge pass rusher as a 4-3 defensive end. He reiterated that he does view him as scheme diverse, but based on his size (weighed in at 265), he thinks he's only going to get bigger. He ran a 4.73 40 today but apparently not as fast as some projected.

Quinn is a guy folks have discussed as a possible outside linebacker pick for the 49ers. For the folks interested in Quinn, is there any concern about his size and fit as a 3-4 OLB? I don't have specific stats, but in skimming through various rosters, 3-4 OLBs seem to come in at the 245-255 range. LaMarr Woodley is listed as 265 and weighed in at the NFL Combine at 266 lbs so I suppose Quinn is fine as is. However, it's still something that has to be considered at least a little bit.