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2011 NFL Mock Draft Database: 49ers Second Round Draft Predictions

Back in 2008 when I first started the annual Niners Nation Mock Draft Database, I included three rounds of mock drafts. It began with one round but then as the draft approached I added rounds two and three as I found such mocks. The next two years I didn't include later rounds. Well, later rounds are now back (or at least on their way in some cases). Our 2011 Niners Nation Mock Draft Database now has a separate page for second round picks. We've been discussing the number seven pick over and over again. I thought it'd be interesting to at least look over the 49ers second round pick.

In our first round database I included a table listing players/positions selected and how many of each was selected. For the second round mock I've abbreviated that to only include a rundown of positions selected. While we have a couple players selected multiple times, many of the players listed are one and down on the list. It's a lot easier to sort through potential players when you're dealing with the seventh pick in the draft. When you get even into the latter stages of the first round it can be difficult to limit predictions. Start getting into the middle of the second round and it's especially difficult.

As I look through the second round database, the biggest similarity is that 17 of the 21 mocks have the 49ers selecting a defensive player. DT Corey Liguet, DE Cameron Heyward, and DE/OLB Jeremy Beal each appear twice. The most interesting pick as compared to the first round database has to be Guys NFL Draft Locker Room having the 49ers grab DE Aldon Smith out of Missouri. I mention him because one of the FF Toolbox mocks has the 49ers grabbing Smith in the first round. That's certainly a crazy difference between the two.

Is there much that can be gained from second and third round mocks beyond entertainment value? Do any of these predictions come across as remotely realistic to you at this point?

2011 Mock Draft Database - Round 2
Site (Last Update)
2nd Rnd Pick Pos. College
Draft Countdown N/A N/A N/A
Draft Tek - 2/3 Corey Liuget
DT Illinois
Walter Football - 1/27 Pat Devlin
QB Delaware - 1/31 Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia
Draft Ace - 1/31 Stefen Wisniewski C Penn State
The Football Expert (Clearwater) - 1/29 Jeremy Beal DE/OLB Oklahoma
New NFL Draft - 1/31 Marvin Austin DT UNC
New Sport Draft Jaquizz Rodgers RB/WR Oregon St.
FF Jungle - 1/20 Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
FF Toolbox (Welser) - 1/17 Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State
FF Toolbox (Dimon) - 1/26 Aaron Williams CB Texas
FF Toolbox (De Lima) - 1/25 Justin Houston OLB Georgia
FF Toolbox (Standig) - 1/25 Muhammad Wilkerson DL Temple
FF Toolbox (Weida) - 1/10 Jeremy Beal DE/OLB Oklahoma
Footballs Future - 1/17 Cory Liuget DT Illinois
Draft Season (Falk) - 1/25 Andy Dalton QB TCU
Draft Season (Edlund) - 1/17 Allen Bailey DE Miami
NFL's Future Curtis Brown CB Texas
Football Dialogue Christian Ballard DE Iowa
NE Patriots Draft - 2/2 Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State
Guys NFL Draft Locker Room - 2/1 Aldon Smith DE Missouri
Sideline Scouting - 1/23 Jerrell Powe DT Ole Miss

Results To Date -- 2/2/11
By Position
Position #
Defensive End
Defensive Tackle
Cornerback 4
Quarterback 2
Defensive Lineman 1
Outside Linebacker 1
Running Back 1
Center 1