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Golden Nuggets: Oh Yeah, The Super Bowl ...

Good morning everyone, hope you are making the transition from the Niners Nation After Dark thread if you were in there to begin with. It's been more of the same in 49erland as things are mostly quiet. What kind of news can honestly be expected right now? We'll have some things regarding the roster, the 2011 NFL Draft, the coaching staff and things of that nature, and that won't change until the scouting combine gets closer. The rest of the league isn't really looking that far ahead yet, we've still got the small matter of the Super Bowl on Sunday, though I personally might end up passing. I just don't care for either team involved and I don't expect it to be a very good game. The commercials are probably the only thing worth watching, so I'll check those out methinks. Anyway, enjoy what linkage I have for you today.

Here's some thoughts on the quarterbacks coming up in the draft, courtesy of Rob Rang via Eric Branch. (

Matt Barrows takes a look at the outside linebackers and echoes my sentiments from yesterday. Later on today, I'll have my Long Look Back, Brief Look Forward post on the matter, but for now, he takes a good look at what we've got. (

Frank Gore was the 49ers one-man running back committee. That's an extremely apt way to put things. (

Brutal. Are there any franchise quarterbacks in this draft? Are there any worth taking in the first round? At least one guy says no. (

The draft strategy will be key for the 49ers. The overall philosophy regarding the selection will be crucial, like best player available versus need, things of that nature. (

Joe Montana Returns to 4949 Centennial Blvd (

Staley's Musings: Back Blogging (

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