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Justin Bieber FanPost And My Bizarro Profile

When I woke up this morning I logged onto NN and checked out some of the comments from last night's NN After Dark post. Drew K had a comment asking "What's up with the Justin Bieber post?" I was a little confused and just sort of moved on. However, as I was checking out the FanPosts I noticed an official NN Justin Bieber Discussion FanPost (now deleted). It appears to be a FanPost created by me as an official discussion thread on Justin Bieber set up last night at 11:26pm. I stopped to think about it but realized I certainly hadn't been drinking last night. I did a check of the profile and it was created on January 27, 2011. It turns out, according to howtheyscored, they used a capital i to replace one of the Ls in my last name.

Anyway, long story short, I've deleted the FanPost and emailed tech support to remove the account from the system entirely (this person joined a bunch of other sites). I have to say this ranks fairly high on my weird stuff-o-meter. Someone used all the information publicly available on my profile to create an alternate me. What's arguably the most bizarre is the fact that they used this new-found power to then create a Justin Bieber Discussion FanPost. Of all the things you could do pretending to be me, why would that be the thing you do?

My second thought before figuring out what was going on was that clearly this was the first step in some kind of coup to remove me from power. It all starts with Bieber, the man who is apparently a Yankees fan and Lakers fan (I'd imagine he's a Patriots or Steelers fan as well).

Given all this, my next thought was to post this question: If you could occupy bizarro Fooch for one day, what would you do? You can be serious or you can come up with something off the wall. This isn't as much about improving the site as it is about figuring out how creative you guys can get.