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Caption This!

Searching the AP photo archives that SBN has available for use is surprisingly entertaining. And yet, up until now, I had never thought to search for things that weren't directly related to sports. Which was kind of a major oversight, because every archived image that we have is already directly related to sports. So I can search for anything, and the result will be sports-related. I can search for pastrami, and any photo that comes up in the results will be directly related to sports. This revelation brings to light the fact that SBN has a severe deficiency of pastrami-related photos kicking around the archives. This must be remedied.

The only logical next step, in the pastrami-less world that is Sports Blog Nation, was LOLcats.

However, the evidence suggests that cats do not like football. Cats clearly love baseball. And they love it hilariously, but that doesn't do us much good here.

Luckily, dogs love football. Specifically, Kansas State football. Don't worry if you're not familiar with the program. The guy in mid-panic is named Billy Cosh and the other guy in the foreground is Torell Miller. The dog in the front doesn't have a name listed. All three are serious candidates for the 49ers' vacant quarterback position.

Have fun. As usual, use the comments for your quotes and rec' the ones you like the most. And may all who make the "49ers' vacant quarterback position" joke be mocked heartily for failing to read the OP in its entirety.

Last week, three or more people tied with posts that got a whopping 4 rec's each. Unfortunately, I don't reward three-plus-way ties at anything lower than 5 rec's. So they'll all just have to try again this week.