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Niners Nation After Dark: Justin Bieber Bandwagon Fan Edition

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

Just a reminder to move any conversation over to the Golden Nuggets when they go up at 3am. Also, I'm leaning towards this just being a Sunday night through Thursday night post, taking late Friday and Saturday off. Thoughts from the peanut gallery (yes you LondonNiner!)

For those of you wondering what this title is all about, you missed arguably the most bizarre day in the history of Niners Nation. I always thought the David Carr press conference thread was the most random thread we've ever had, but at least that was based off an event that was supposed to happen (introducing Carr). The discussions earlier this morning (or should I characterize it as "yesterday" morning?) were based off the bizarro Justin Bieber FanPost that appeared out of nowhere under my name.

We turned that into a day long thread that involved a whole assortment of random discussion and at least one hideous looking picture of Bieber in a Rangers jacket and Giants hat. Bieber has received some criticism for bandwagon ways as he is reportedly a Yankees fan and Lakers fan. And for those who don't know, he's from Canada. That's not a slight against Canada, but rather the fact that he picked the most popular teams when he came south of the border.

This seems like a worthy time to open up discussion on fandom and bandwagon hoopers. My teams of choice include the 49ers, the A's, the Boston Celtics and UNLV basketball. My dad's originally from Boston so I've been a Celtics fan all my life. I liked the Red Sox as a kid but abandoned them in my teens. I'm originally from Las Vegas, which is why I'm a Rebels fan. Aside from the American University Eagles (my alma mater), any other fandom is relatively limited compared to the 49ers, A's, etc.

I'll be honest, the reason I became a 49ers fan was in Las Vegas in the 80s we obviously didn't have a football team. Although my dad followed the Patriots, I don't recall him being as passionate about them as the Red Sox. I ended up picking the 49ers in part because of their success during that decade. I was about 6 or 7 when I decided they'd be my time and I've stuck with them since.

Do you find yourself as a bandwagon fan of any particular teams? I figure if you're gonna be on thee bandwagon you might as well celebrate it. You might be mocked, but better to stand up for your principles I say.

Beyond that, how did you become a 49ers fan? I'm especially curious as to how some of the foreign readership became 49ers fans. It seems like a lot of folks in Europe got a heavy dose of the 49ers in the '80s, which helped them cement their place as a fairly popular team over there.